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We have named this project “Hotel Pass” because it encompasses all aspects of the hotel – the guests, management and facilities.

Digital Guest Pass

The system provides a digital pass for guests of the hotel, which is downloaded to their mobile phones. Each guest is provided with a pass. This can be issued on arrival at the hotel, or at the time of their booking (this all depends on the preference of the hotel management). The hotel guest should also be given the opportunity to deny installing the pass, or asking for their details to be removed from the system (GDPR).

The digital pass includes the following information, which is useful and helpful for the guests of the hotel:

✓   Check-in / Check-out Dates | Room Number
✓   WiFi Details of the hotel (if applicable)
✓   Ability to check the cleaning data for their room
✓   Ability to check the cleaning data of the hotel facilities such as pool, restaurant etc (if applicable)
✓   Book use of hotel facilities such as pool, gym through our online booking system for hotel facilities
✓   Book a table at the restaurant of the hotel, through our online restaurant booking system
✓   Order room service, through our online ordering system
✓   View Digital Menus for hotel restaurant, pool bar, etc

Digital Menu for Restaurants

Cleaning Data System

Our system is provided to hotels and is customized to their specific requirements, such as room numbers, hotel facilities, and much more. The hotel has their own “cleaning data management system” where the cleaning details of the rooms, areas and facilities of the hotel are entered (either by the hotel management or a third party cleaning company).

Guests of the hotel are able to view the cleaning data of their room by either clicking the link on the back of their pass, or by scanning a QR code in their room. They can also access the cleaning data of the other areas of the hotel the same way.

All room/facility cleaning data is stored in a database and a complete archive of all cleaning data is available on demand for all rooms and areas of the hotel.

Cleaning Management System

To preserve the integrity of the cleaning management system, the hotel management/cleaning company are only able to enter data for the room/facility cleaning.

The ability to edit or delete any data is NOT AVAILABLE. If any data needs to be corrected/removed due to any mistakes, the hotel management/cleaning company have a 24 hour period from the time of data entry to contact us with the entry reference number and we will make any changes required.

Any requests for the changing of the data will be shared with all parties (hotel management and/or cleaning company) in order to maintain transparency.

The purpose of these restrictions is to stop the data from being manipulated!!

Hotel Management Features

The hotel management will have the ability to send notifications to all/specific hotel guests via the digital pass. This can be a general notification such as the closing of the hotel swimming pool for the day, or a message to a specific guest informing them that there table at the hotel restaurant will be ready in 15 minutes.

The hotel will have online pages for all of their rooms and facilities which will display the latest cleaning data. These pages will be available in English and Greek, and additional languages can be provided on request. QR codes will be provided for all rooms and areas of the hotel. NFC (Near Field Communication) tags/stickers can also be provided at an additional cost.

Additional Systems available to hotels

In addition to the cleaning management system, the hotel management can choose to have a number of additional online systems added to their account. These include …

✓   Online Booking System for hotel facilities such as swimming pool gym, sauna, etc
✓   Online Booking system for restaurant tables
✓   Digital Menu for the restaurant, pool bar, etc
✓   Online ordering of Room Service

All of the above systems can be accessed by hotel guests via their digital pass, or by QR codes that can be placed around the hotel complex.

"Hotel Pass" is a complete system for Hotel and Tourism Businesses in the Post Covid-19 World

"Hotel Pass" provides solutions to many problems in the hotel and tourism businesses and covers extremely well the needs of customers, partners and their audience. Specifically, it offers complete solutions to:

✓   COVID-19 - Compatibility with the new health protection & safety protocols
✓   Immediate communication with guests and clients
✓   A Modern and fully functional service
✓   Ability for bookings for hotel facilities as well as general tourism services
✓   Promotes Loyalty among your clientele
✓   Provides hotels with the possibility of increasing income through collaboration with local services and businesses

"Hotel Pass" is an ideal solution for guests and clients of Hotel and Tourism Businesses

"Hotel Pass" serves the guests and customers of hotels and tourism companies by offering them:

✓   Digital Pass for all uses
✓   Direct and interactive communication with the hotel or tourism business
✓   Real-time Reservations of Hotel Facilities such as use of the swimming pool, spa or gym
✓   The ability to check the cleaning information of their hotel room, as well as other parts of the hotel, based on protocols for safety and health protection in hotels and restaurants from COVID-19

The Two Versions of "Hotel Pass"


The Basic version of the "HOTEL PASS" software system is the most affordable and economical solution for a hotel business.

It provides a secure, interactive and Real-Time platform for hotels to easily communicate with their guests and inform them on the protection and safety of their health related to COVID-19, as well as the new health protocols that hotels must adhere to.


The Advanced version of the "HOTEL PASS" software system is the complete information system for hotel businesses.

In addition to the features included in the Basic Version, it also incorporates a number of online booking systems that allow guests to book timeslots for facilities in the hotel such as the swimming pool, gym, etc, as well as booking a table at the hotel restaurant, ordering room service and providing digital menus.

About Our Team

The software system "Hotel Pass" is an Information System made with the most modern technologies such as "Wallet Passes" and is aimed at users of smart phones such as Android and iPhone. It is innovative, modern, easy to use and extremely useful for Hotels and Tourism businesses.

It is new interactive project that serves communication, information, targeted and personalized promotion, a smart “marketing” tool that we developed through our “Project: Think AR” to help modernize the infrastructure of Greek companies in order to make them competitive in the global and ever-growing market.

All of the team who, for the past 3 years, have been involved in the development and promotion of modern interactive technologies in the Greek market through the ThinkAR Project, such as "Wallet Passes", "Augmented Reality - AR", and the use of "Beacons and Proximity Marketing", are fully harmonized with the correct use and application of these technologies for the benefit of Greek companies, as well as society as a whole.

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